Predicting leadership readiness should not be left to chance; an error is far too expensive on many levels.  Yet, since making sound predictions of who will be the best fit for a key role requires both science (data) and judgement, top leaders frequently rely on too little information to make critical leadership placement/promotion decisions.

That’s where we come in.

Leadership Potential International provides executive assessments as part of the selection and development process. We also coach executives to help them reach new heights in their performance and in their lives.

Our approach is to help our clients visualize and realize their human potential through a specific process comprised of assessment, reflection, change, feedback and support. We guide them to “connect the dots” themselves so that they essentially are the creators of their own growth plan. This method is extremely effective in making change last.

Our suite of services includes:

Executive Assessment & Selection

Choosing the best people for your roles and your organization is critical to the success of your business.

LPI Executive Assessment practice is experienced in delivering precise assessments for the particular engagement, whether it be for selection or development.We are especially capable at assessing candidates for key traits such as emotional intelligence, psychological hardiness, motivation to lead, self-awareness, openness to learning and integrity. LPI can help you improve your chances of making the best hire for your organization through a methodical process that has been time tested to yield proven results. This process includes:

  • Detailed profiling of the performance objectives, competency requirements, personality attributes, for a particular role and culture.
  • Customized assessments (e.g., personality inventories, behavioral interviews) to measure each candidate’s capabilities and potential fit with the culture and the job.
  • On-boarding to integrate the new leader into the team and to decrease the time to effectiveness.
Coaching & Development

Experts are made, not born. LPI coaches help leaders build skills through coaching, practice, and support

In order to achieve optimal leadership bench strength, executives know they must develop their leaders for future roles.  Our methodology for executive coaching:

  • Meeting with HR or manager to discuss the need and goals for coaching and to establish contract parameters and gain agreement
  • Initial coach – leader meeting to assess chemistry and gain agreement on the process
  • Launch assessments e.g., 360 and personality inventories)
  • Meet with leader to debrief the assessments and begin development planning
  • Meeting with the leader and his/her manager to briefly review assessment results and gain manager’s agreement on the development plan
  • Coach per agreed upon development priorities
  • Establish check points with the manager every 3 months
  • Meeting at the end of the engagement with the leader and his/her manager to determine:

– success and progress
– evaluate what was learned
– identify what was helpful
– identify what could have been more helpful
– determine if any follow-up coaching is needed.

Research shows that in order to achieve peak performance in any arena, be it golf, surgery, dancing or leadership, the following are integral elements for success:

  • coaching
  • deliberate practice
  • support
Leadership Consulting

Typical consulting engagements include:

  • Team facilitation
  • Focus group facilitation
  • Executive retreats
  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Interviewing assistance
  • Qualitative research
  • Succession Planning

Patty Kubus

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Patty Kubus, PhD

Consulting Experience

Patty helps executives select and develop their leaders to improve engagement and productivity in their organizations. She has worked with Fortune 100 companies in the financial, aerospace, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries as well as in healthcare, academia and other non profits. Typical projects include: cultural transformation, executive assessment for development or selection, competency modeling, executive and leader coaching, leadership development, group facilitation, strategic planning facilitation, succession management, executive retreats.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

Previous leadership positions include a role as VP and Principal Consultant for Leadership and Talent Management with a global Human Capital consulting firm; served as a thought leader, business developer and executive consultant. She led a team of sales consultants for GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company and a large team of critical care nurses at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Also, as an assistant professor of management, she managed the human resource management curriculum at Keystone College in Pennsylvania, where she taught several HR, leadership, and business courses.

Education and Training

Her educational background includes a Doctorate in Human Development and Instructional Leadership from Marywood University. Her dissertation research (2001) is titled: An Investigation of the Relationship between a Constructive Organizational Culture and Transformational Leadership. She also holds an MBA from Boston College and a BS in Nursing from St. Mary’s College of Notre Dame.

Patty authored: Lead! Becoming an Effective Coach and Mentor to your Nursing Staff, published in October, 2010 by HCPro. Available at Amazon.

Speaking Topics

Leadership Lessons from the Dance Floor

This presentation uses the leadership/followership principles practiced in ballroom dancing and applies them to the organizational leadership.

Assessing the Culture of an Organization during an Interview

The primary cause of new hire failure is a lack of fit with an organization’s culture, yet, it is rarely considered in the selection process.  This presentation will share ways that the interviewer or a candidate can help to determine the best culture fit.

Creating a Culture of Engagement

People are engaged when they feel they are using their skills to their greatest potential to achieve a vision they believe in.  This presentation begins with how to build trust in relationships and in the organization; trust is essential if one is going to take risks to reach one’s potential.



Steve Ginsburgh, SVP, Human Resources and Workforce Development

Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

“Dr. Patty Kubus has recently completed a four month project where she assessed all of our operations management team as well as several key members of our senior executive team. To be successful in large scale and visible assessment implementations, it takes not only demonstrating technical competence in interpretation, but also quickly establishing credibility with a wide variety of business leaders. In her work with us she has shown a keen ability to meet  both of these challenges. In addition, she has demonstrated the utmost professionalism and balance in conducting both the feedback and organizational consulting to both benefit the participants as well as the company. What separates Dr. Kubus from many of her competitors is her skill at not being perceived as a detached expert. In contrast she conducts her business in an engaging and practical business style. Overall, she offers significant value to companies that understand that continuous investment in their people yields a great deal of value in capability and business growth.”

Roy Rangle, President

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Georgia Chapter

“Dr. Kubus, thank you for demonstrating a strong sense of professionalism. Your winning attitude and warm personality were evident in the time we spent together. Your broad knowledge on the subject of leadership, combined with your practical experience, profound insight and enlightened common sense was truly refreshing. If I could summarize the team’s response, I would say that the results of your presentation helped us gain greater perspective in three competencies that as professionals we can always improve upon: Empowerment – fostering an environment of trust, creativity and accountability; Conflict Management – resolving with respect, empathy and objectivity; and Listening – seeking to understand. In all, it was a good day. Thank you!”

Mike Spurlock, CEO

Encompass Group, LLC

“Thank you fore helping us plan and execute our recent succession process. The Guidance that you provided to me, Warren, and our board in establishing a process, the subsequent evaluation of seven of our senior leaders and the tools we used to evaluate external candidates allowed us to not only choose an internal candidate as our next CEO, but also confirmed for us that our senior team is prepared to complement his skills and abilities in lead the company forward.”

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